Are you looking for fat singles or fat admirers through fat dating sites? If you are new on a fat dating site, you may do not know the online basic fat dating rules. Useful basic dating rules facilitates fat people starting fat dating easily. You will avoid some common mistakes. Here are some basic rules you need keep in mind.

1.Don’t post bad photos which break rule of fat dating site

A suitable picture is worth a thousand words and attracts fat people and fat singles easily. There are thousands of fat dating profiles for users to view, a nice photo can easily catch users’ eyes. Your photo may be the part of the profile in which are consumed by first. But when you are selecting a photo, you need read carefully about rules of fat dating site, do not upload fake, naked, or other bad photos. Make sure that your photo is clear, nice and true, especially your the photo on your fat dating profile.

2. Be Positive inside your fat dating profile

No one likes the profile which is full with negative words. This kind of profile can not get attention from other users. If you’re negative with your profile, as a result, you will give a bad impression. So, just maintain positive and upbeat in your profile and attract fat dating site users to your summary.

3. Do not ask some sensitive questions

Almost all women, including fat women do mind men ask their age. Age is a secret for women, especially these single women. Never ask a fat girl weight, you will get bad impression, unless fat people tell your their weight or age spontaneously. When you chat with a fat gill online, you may show you are fat fetish or fat admirer and win the favor of the fat woman.

Some basic questions you can ask like ”what’s your hobby?”, “what’s your job?”, etc. These common questions will easily make yourself get to know your potential fat partner, what’s more, it can also imply you are serious with your fat dating. To make your chat relaxed and happy, you can prepare some interesting jokes to make she be in good mood.

4. Grasp every opportunity

Do not wait others search, you need grasp every opportunity and find contact your potential fat admirers actively. Opportunities present yourself in essentially the most unlikely of situations continuously. Learning to simply have conversations folks almost always leads to somewhat of an form of opportunity presenting itself a person.

It is useful for fat admirers and fat singles get to know the basic rules on fat dating sites, specifically if you are trying dating a real fat woman or fat lover at last. Follow the rules listed above, make certain you relax and savor your dating experience.


You have experienced a few online BBW dating sites and even joined one or two and posted your profile. Naturally, you considered or followed through on adding your best picture and now the moment to chat with a potential partner has arrived.

So what do you do first? If you follow the steps most often taken, first thing on your agenda would most likely be to figure a way to determine who your best prospect is and who is going to be deleted from your email box.

Naturally, you’ll need to find out something about the BBW singles you’re about to meet online. For example, who is she really? Is there any truth to the details in her profile? Am I going to stumble into a chat with a daddy’s girl… or worse, a gold digger? It would be nice if these categories were provided by the dating sites…

Before you go live online with your dating “interviews” you need to find these things out, even though you can’t be direct with your questions. Plus, you definitely want to avoid mistakes that would prevent you from impressing this lady should you determine she deserves more of your favorable interest.

Your moments of small talk should allow for a sufficient warm up period so you can get to the real stuff. Let’s look at a strategy that allows you to provide her with an easy way to show you who she really is, but without offending her or making your process too transparent.

Get the ball rolling with the following questions:

I’ve made some mistakes in my past with a lady who was important to me. It taught me to be more honest and open. Tell me what you believe are the worse blunders guys make when they date online.

Be sure to focus solely on listening carefully to her answers. You can learn lots of information that will paint a realistic picture of the lady’s way of thinking and her candid perspective on what she thinks about men in general.

This is only my second experience with big and beautiful dating. What do you think about dating on the Internet?

Here’s where you’ll learn about her experiences and hopefully you’ll learn some important things that you should avoid.


What happened that led to the break up of your most recent relationship?

This is your most important question so take your time and be thoughtful and sensitive when you ask. Listen carefully and observe whether or not she puts all the blame on meddling friends or family. She might also place all the blame on the guy.

Move forward to getting to know her better, however, you should always use caution and temper your desire for a relationship with patience and sensitivity.

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